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iPhone X Max is worth buying in 2020- iPhone XS Max in 2020

iPhone X Max is worth buying in 2020- iPhone XS Max in 2020

Quick Specs
  • Octa-core processor - Apple A12 Bionic
  • Storage and RAM - 64/256/512
  • Cameras - 12 + 12 MP, front 7 MP
  • The screen is 6.5 inches and has a notch with FHD + resolution
  • IOS 12 operating system updated to 14
  • Battery with a capacity of 3174 MP Support fast charging

iPhone XS Max, known as iPhone 10S Max, this phone, although it was released in 2018, any time on the market for nearly two years, and here is the next iPhone, iPhone 12 Pro Max, after a few weeks that the iPhone Tennis Max is considered a phone so far, it is still distinguished Of course, in the hands of a large segment of people, the reason for this is me and he enjoys an operating system that is considered one of the best operating systems that exist so far in the world of smart phones. They feel that the operating system is one of the most stable and stable systems you have other systems, thanks to the company’s complete control of this system, which makes it easy In use and loyalty, the user interface has no problem, even if it is more than two years old, and the most evidence of this is that the iPhone 6s Plus is still available in the market and supported by the company, and it will certainly receive the latest version of the operating systems iOS 14 This translates into full control of the company over its phones and does not use any other party.

iPhone X Max is worth buying in 2020- iPhone XS Max in 2020

iPhone X Max design

We talk first about the design or the design of the phone, as the iPhone XS Max came with a design from the front and from the back, a card of chicken that is resistant to shocks and scratches to a very high degree, and is safe. Leading phones from other companies who give the stainless steel phone a very luxurious look in addition to its strength, durability and provisions, which unfortunately comes at the expense of the weight of the phone and that is not any problem for people who love heavy phones, as its weight is close to 220 grams, and this is considered one of the heaviest devices available even To this day, but this is not a problem at all because it is distinctive for lovers of luxury devices.

screen and front panel

We move now to the screen. The 6.5-inch screen is Super M born, which is called Super Retina Display, and it comes with a resolution of Full HD Plus, a pixel density of 458 pixels per inch, and this is almost the same screen as the iPhone 11 Pro Max with a slight difference in brightness For the screen, as it was increased in the iPhone 11 Pro Max Ray in the screen, it is considered one of the best screens available so far and does not differ much from the screens of Samsung in its flagship phones until very recently, and it is considered the same screen on the latest version of the iPhone Eleven Pro iPhone phones Pro Max.

performance and user experience

Performance and experience of use There is no doubt that the performance and experience of use in iPhone phones is one of the best among the smart devices so far from the side of the software and the stable iOS system and the third and easy to use, which gives you three in use until a very long time. Talk about the phone is currently working on iOS 13, Chapter 5, and now it is ready to receive iOS 14 and it will be launched soon. As for the processor, it comes with the Apple 12 Bionic processor, which works with 7 nanometer technology, and it is considered the latest technology so far in the nanometer, which gives you greater savings for the battery and the temperature balance of the device and is still Its performance is better than the best so far, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max is still the fastest by not much.

Storage and RAM''

As for the storage, the RAM the device is available in several copies, starting with 64 GB, which is considered the entry space in the device and the second space is 256 GB and is considered somewhat reasonable until our time due to the system updates that consume a lot of space, I advise you to go to a copy 256 to provide you with its price, as for the larger version or the highest, which is 512 GB, and most copies come with 4 GB RAM, and it is considered very sufficient for Apple’s operating system, nor the one that does not require larger RAM in the device, and we conclude from this that those specifications Still very good so far until we see G improvement from the company very soon.

battery and charging''

The battery size is 3,174 mAh. It supports fast charging, but unfortunately its charger did not come in the box, but you can buy them from Apple at a price of up to $ 100 with its wireless headphones, AirPods, and you can buy them together to get the best experience in use. The decision is up to you in the end. The battery They last with you for one day, from medium to heavy use, but they are not the best among the batteries that come in higher sizes, such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and its battery is approximately 3900 mAh, and it will certainly give you a better performance than this phone. The battery is suitable for normal, medium and above average use, but it is not the best If you are a person who loves heavy games and sitting on the phone to play long periods.

iPhone X Max is worth buying in 2020- iPhone XS Max in 2020

cameras and photography

Cameras Photography There is no doubt that the iPhone XS Max has very excellent cameras so far, if we overlook the additional camera dedicated to ultra wide-angle photography, which has become in all 2020 phones, even in the economic category, but the rest of the cameras such as the zoom camera and the isolation camera are present in the phone where The phone comes with two 12-megapixel cameras, the first at a normal angle, 12-megapixel photos for still images and video shooting to a resolution of Full HD Plus 60 frames per second. The quality of the images is very good and produces excellent colors, especially the beautiful and distinct skin tone in iPhone phones from other devices. As for the other camera, it is dedicated Optical zoom and also for isolation, as for the Ultra Wide camera, it is not available unfortunately in this phone. The evaluation of the cameras is still excellent and there is no talk about it so far. As for the front camera, it comes with a selfie, it comes with a resolution of 7 mega-pixels for still images and 1080 for video, the camera gives you acceptable pictures, but it is not the best now But with regard to the colors and the limit, it is considered reasonable to some extent.

iPhone X Max is worth buying in 2020- iPhone XS Max in 2020

Phone colors and contents

The colors of the phone and the contents of the box The phone comes in three colors, they are shiny black for lovers of dark colors, and the second color is silver or white for lovers of light colors. The feeling of luxury and elegance of the device is not found in this color on any other phone except this iPhone, the highest series of iPhone 11.

 As for the contents of the box, there are brochures explaining and the method of use, in addition to the normal charger, not the quick one, and the usual Apple headphones, and as usual, it does not come with a cover to protect it against scratching. Egyptian equivalent of approximately 900 dollars globally.

Conclusion and Conclusion''

And in the end, my humble opinion about this device is still very good. If you are looking for a durable and strong phone that will stay with you for long periods, if you are one of the people who do not like to change over the latest versions, also the performance, camera and screen design are still superior and very good, but if you are one of the people who like Security and accept updates. This phone will have updates for up to three or four years to come. This is based on what happened in the previous versions that are still being sold and so far responsive. The use of it is very good and it competes with other phones. .