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After its new mandatory terms, WhatsApp surprises Android users with a new feature

After its new mandatory terms, WhatsApp surprises Android users with a new feature

Despite the uproar caused by the updated privacy policy for WhatsApp WhatsAppImmediately announcing it, which caused the anger of its users, as it forces them to agree to the new terms, which in turn will share the data of two billion users around the world with Facebook, but the most popular messaging application team is working to provide new features to users.
And according to “tomsguide”, the most popular messaging app is preparingواتسابTo launch the Read Later feature, which comes as an improved alternative to the “Archived Chats” feature, which is currently available in application on all operating systems.
The Read Later feature allows WhatsApp users to hide unwanted conversations or transfer them to a dedicated section with the same name as the feature, which can see its messages immediately after it reaches the application, and view it later in the “Read Later” section.
The new feature is distinguished by that it will not issue any audio alerts or written notifications of any new message arriving in the conversation, which the user selects as it is annoying for him to transfer it to the new section of the application called Read Later.
Wabetainfo revealed the experimental features of “WhatsApp”, the new feature for the first time in the beta version, which carries the number on the Android operating system.
The “read later” feature will be optional and the user can switch to the option to archive a chat if they wish to be notified about the archived chat.
And WhatsApp users can read and browse new incoming messages for conversations in the “Read Later” tab located at the top of the “Chat” section on the app’s home page.

The new feature will be available to “WhatsApp” users on Android phones soon, but it is not known when the iOS operating system will be available

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