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Is your device eligible for Windows 11?.. Check it out

Is your device eligible for Windows 11?.. Check it out

 Microsoft finally revealed Windows 11, and Microsoft confirmed that the operating system will be available as a free upgrade for all compatible Windows 10 PCs. The new Windows operating system has a set of minimum hardware requirements.
What this means is that Windows 11 will be free for anyone whose system is compatible with it or meets the basic requirements to run Windows 11, such as 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, and a 64-bit processor.

But, if you're not sure what processor your system has or how much RAM your system has and still want to know if your system will support Windows 11 or not, Microsoft has got you covered, as the company has released a new tool that you can download and they'll do the rest for you. About you.


Here's how to check Windows 11 compatibility with your laptop and desktop:
1. Open the official Microsoft website on your computer using any web browser, and on this page, scroll down you do not see the "Check for Compatibility" section

2- Here, click on the Download Application button, this will download a program called Windows PC Health Check.

3- Click on the downloaded setup to start the installation process, then follow the on-screen instructions and finish the installation.

4- Once done, select the option “Open Windows PC Health Check” and click Finish.

5- In the program, click the "Scan Now" button under the Windows 11 logo at the top.

6- The tool will scan your system hardware and tell you whether your laptop or desktop will support Windows 11 or not.